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Body & Spirit

COACHING: A multitude of tools including the Enneagram Map, deeper inquiry process’s into consciousness and awareness of ‘self’ …

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CONTACT ME via email or skype.
I’m here to assist YOU! You’re most welcome to connect with me …

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Cerebral & Mind

TECHNOLOGY and STRATEGIC: Using Lean startup methodologies, I.T. expertise, coaching principles to solve technology and business challenges…

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An ANCIENT SANSKRIT saying is expressed as Sat Chit Ananda and is a beautiful pointer to our true nature. It can be a single word describing being awake.


Being ~ Consciousness ~ Bliss

Self Inquiry

Inquire into patterns, recognize life strategies using innovative coaching tools and the Enneagram Map


How do I know my self and what do I believe about my 'story'


Through awareness navigating into healthier ways of being


To exist without attachments or expectations to outcome - Just BE..